Subway Touchscreen Drive Thru Kiosk – World’s Fastest Drive Thru™

The Drive Thru Of The Future: NEXTEP SYSTEMS Presents The World’s Fastest Drive Thru™

Subway Drive Thru Touchscreen Kiosk by NEXTEP SYSTEMS

SUBWAY Drive Thru

Long gone are the days of shouting through the nose of the clown at the drive thru. With the advent of online ordering, self order kiosks, and smartphone apps that do everything, the world is exponentially changing and technology is permeating every industry. The foodservice industry is no different. This change in technology will soon be in demand by the consumer as they become accustomed to a greater level of control and a more personalized experience. This does not have to come at cost to the operator, however. The World’s Fastest Drive Thru™ by NEXTEP SYSTEMS not only gives the customer the control and individualized experience that they demand, but it gives the operator an advantage in marketing and upselling to this new breed of consumer and it delivers a better bottom line to those who take advantage of getting ahead of the competition.

Subway Drive Thru Kiosks Test The Waters For The World’s Fastest Drive Thru™

Rob Woodward, owner of 25 successful Subway franchises, decided to implement a Drive Thru Of The Future kiosk by NEXTEP SYSTEMS. What he saw was increase of his sales by 15% overall. “A $10,000 a week store would generate an additional $1500 a week in sales.” He also makes the statement that the new Subway drive thru kiosks are “faster, more accurate, and more profitable” than traditional drive-thrus. Orders are larger due to the automatic upselling, and labor is reduced because a dedicated employee is not required to take orders at the drive-thru. But what about the investment? “Our investment in a drive thru kiosk at Subway is typically paid back within 24 weeks. …payback is clearly huge.”

The Drive Thru Of The Future Brings Customer Service To The Front

Besides the immediate increase in profits, a long term benefit of a solution like the Subway drive through kiosk is the experience felt by the customer. With information at their fingertips, the ordering process is made simple and efficient. “Previously, we had to have a dedicated employee answering 50 questions about each sandwich,” says Woodward. “It was a slow, inaccurate, and very costly means of taking orders. Our customers love the new system.” Not only does the guest have all of the information they need, giving them total control over their order, but the drive thru kiosks come equipped with the ability to remember past orders based upon a credit card or phone number. The Subway drive through kiosk offers a fast-order option for ordering from one of these saved orders, and guests can pay right at the drive thru kiosk, further increasing throughput speed and dramatically increasing customer satisfaction. No more static-laden transactions yelled repeatedly through a mesh of metal on a post, and no more gigantic eyesore displays. The Drive Thru Of The Future communicates effortlessly and has all of the information you need, unobtrusively displayed when you need it and without any breakdown in communication.

Woman Uses Subway Drive Thru Touchscreen Kiosk by NEXTEP SYSTEMS

Ordering made easy, the Subway Drive Thru is the World's Fastest Drive Thru.

Drive Thru Management Made Easy

Management of this technology is also a snap. The drive thru kiosks come equipped with a content management system, mynextep.net, which is also part of a larger, totally integrated foodservice technology solution offered by NEXTEP SYSTEMS called Foundation5. Mynextep.net is a cloud-based software solution that allows the operator to control the content of their drive thru kiosks on the fly from any internet connection. Most content can even be controlled through their iPhone. Changes to menu pricing, 86ing items, or pushing forward LTOs can all be accomplished quickly and efficiently. Multiple locations can all be controlled from a single point, insuring that new menu rollouts are fluid and that franchisee compliance is automatic.

NEXTEP SYSTEMS Drive Thru Of The Future is a proven solution to increase profits and boost customer satisfaction. Subway kiosks provided by NEXTEP SYSTEMS are changing the game in QSR and will soon become the benchmark. Contact NEXTEP SYSTEMS today and see how our Drive Thru Of The Future Kiosk can help you give not only your guest a better experience, but also your bank account.

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